Sunday, October 7, 2012

NBA First Round Picks Who Will Struggle To Find Spot in Rotation

Moe Harkless - For now, Orlando's line up is a mess. With Harkless being a part of the pakage in the Howard blockbuster trade, it indicates that Philadelphia drafted him cause he is a wanted guy but now he finds himself in an awkward situation. A team with, as of now, seems to lack any direction. The best chance for him in a Magic uniform is for Turkoglu to be traded; thus, he can sneak in to SF position but Hedo's contract seems steady as of the moment. He have to workt hard to gain that playing time.

John Henson - If you take a look at the roster of Bucks at front court, PF/C/F position is overloaded. Gooden, Dalambert, Ilysova, Abah Moute, Sanders... and then there is Henson. Henson is more of a project and the 1st year is all about learning. His body isn't ready yet. He could play right away but to take over the places of already proven veterans is a different story. But it doesn't mean the Bucks wasted their pick on him, but in years to come with his fellow rookies, will surely make an impact in the league and be remembered as one of the deepest draft class since 2003.

Arnett Moultrie - On the draft day, Arnett looks like the answer for0Pphilly's problem in the frontcourt. However, the league really got shook up by the Howard trade! Rookies on a driver seat fell deep behind the bench to watch these newly acquired stars taking over. Unfortunately for Moultrie, Philly is now Bynum's show with a bunch of veteran big men ahead of him on the line. 

Terrence Jones - He is indeed a good player and deserve to be in the first round. A year ago, he was considered as a top 10 pick but then chosen to be a part of one of the deepest draft class. Now with the Rockets on a rebuilding process, wherein all players must work out its way to a spot in rotation. Jones' inconsistency will hurt his chances to gain his spot on the roster. Also, the Rockets are a little crowded on the Forward position which makes it even tougher for Jones.

Fab Melo - Maybe Boston is just overwelmed by back to back picks and too excited by the first one and don't have time to think who should be the next pick. To avoid pick being forfeited, no choice. Just like a buzzer beater shot, not a clear shot! They just need big and Melo is on the top of the list, thus, they pull the trigger immediately without thinking twice. Ok, enough criticism on this. Boston just need Jared on this draft and Doc is not fond of using a new guy on rotation..Just ask Jujuan Johnson.

Miles Plumlee - Oh! And they thought it was already the second round pick. They could have pick Plumlee in the second round 36th overall pick. I don't know what's on their mind or maybe they just wan to do some experimental surprise. It is such a waste of opportunity to decide randomly on such a deep talented draft class. Miles Plumlee is a clone of Hansbrough but Tyler is more established player as shown in Indiana-Chicago playoffs in 2011.
Written by Fritz J Castro

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