Thursday, November 1, 2012

James Harden Trade; Impact on both teams!

The trade looks fair on both teams. The Rockets got their star player and the Thunders are loaded for future while getting out of the financial mess. OKC have no choice but to trade Harden rather than just watch him walk away from the team. Harden isn't that loyal to just accept lower offer and which will only limit his potential behind Durant and Westbrook as a 6th man so he look forward in the future for any opportunities for his career and sacrifice his chance to win the title.

    Since Houston is a rebuilding team and while the season is yet to start on aquiring Harden, it is the perfect time for all the players to grow together and build a new chemistry on the team. Now Harden will play the role of go to guy and Houston will soon have its own identity.

    Still this is a big question mark on OKC on losing one of it's core. If you could remember, the year James arrive on the team was the year they have their first taste of the playoffs and a year ago without Harden, the team was struggling while having Westbrook and Durant on the line up. It doesn't mean that without Harden the team will be out from being contender but somehow of definitely it will affect the team regarding chemistry.

Needs of a team
    The trade obviously filled the needs of the Rockets, making up for what they fail to fulfill this off season; to land a legitimate star player. Fail on Howard or Gasol.

    OKC have no choice since plan A fails; When Harden turned down the best offer they can give him. Obviously, they need Harden to get back to the finals but the management thinks about not only on this season but also for future of the team. They also got a decent scorers on return plus two 1st round picks.

    Harden provides it all: Scoring, create his own shot, 3 point shooter, drive to the basket and most important is being a clutch player.

    in OKC's 28, 23, 17; That 17 points from the bench should be filled. Kevin Martin could definitely provide that as scoring is what Martin do best. The question is: Does Martin provide that the way Harden did? Harden have more ways to score than Martin.

    Harden is the future for the Rockets along with almost all young guys on the roster. They lost 2 valuable 1st round picks but they surely got a sure win on Harden. Plus they don't need a future picks anymore since they just pick 3 players on the first round of one of the deepest draft class.

    OKC still got youth, infact they also recently drafted Perry Jones, a very talented player who slips to their hands after teams ahead of them passed on him. Without the red flag, Jones should have been a lottery pick in a very deep draft class and he has the potential to be a star. JOnes is expected to step up and bare some responsibility in production.

Written by: Fritz Castro


  1. I just read in yahoo news that James Harden just scored 37 points in his first in Houston Rockets.. I really won't be surprise if we see him soon in this upcoming all star game..

    1. Hi Jan. Yes, I saw that game. Harden is doing pretty good this season so far for the Rockets!


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