Friday, November 16, 2012

Kevin Love Injury Update

With Pekovic obtaining a sprained ankle and Chase Budinger undergoing surgery, the Minnesota Timberwolves are clearly facing a ton of injuries that has somewhat incapacitated their lineup. With so many injuries, one cannot help but question for how long the team is going to take it. This only fuels fans' excitement about the return of the team's biggest superstars from the injury list, namely Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love.

In an earlier post, I've discussed about the possibility of Rubio returning by December but he is quick to point out that he won't rush the return. In the case of Kevin Love, he had already submitted an X-ray of his right hand to a New York hand specialist for it to be properly examined. A couple of bones were reportedly broken in Love's hand while he was performing knuckle push-ups.

The hand specialist will evaluate the progress of Love's injury recovery based upon what is seen in the X-ray. The same doctor already examined Love last October and said that he won't be needing a surgery. Hence, the Wolves' power forward is positive about his recovery and is looking at his return to the court. Love says, "Hopefully, the next step is strengthening, flexibility and gradually get into dribbling."

When asked about when he might get to see action again, he cited "early December". Another good sign? Love has removed the protective cast on his hand, which means that he is one step closer to getting back in condition for the game. However, his doctor has advised him from doing any contact drills as of yet, especially ones that requires the use of his hand.

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