Sunday, March 10, 2013

Utah will REGRET not making a Trade

Utah seems satisfied with their current line up and refuses to make a big trade during Trade deadline. Despite of left and right trade rumors which circles around Jefferson and Millsap. But the management decide to keep both of them since their front court players are the reason why they are now contending in the west. Unlike other teams, after their superstar leaves the team, the Jazz quickly recovers from being out of the playoffs in the season when Deron Williams was traded. The very next season, they sneak in to the top 8th against Rockets and Suns. After that, they are able to carry the momentum.

Their line up is pretty solid and was secured in 7th spot. The team has solid front court which lead them in top 8th in west. They have low post treat in Al Jefferson, A versatile Power forward in Millsap, Full of potential big men from the bench of Favors and Kanter. No other team in the league has this kind of front court force.

 Contract issue is the main reason why the trade speculates on their starting big men, which is not a bad idea while having problem in the back court. With the emerging back court bench, it makes a lot more sense to pull the trigger on the trade and avoid losing one of this player to walk away without getting something back.

 Looking at Utah's roster, the dominance of the front court is overwhelming, which makes the back court looks like a none factor on the leam With Mo out of the line up. Currently they Got 4 solid big men. And the rest of the position from SF to SG, they don't have a solid player except Gordon Hayward moving between SF and SG.

 The problem is they can't use those 4 big men at the same time and they are battling from each other for a playing time while the back court seems none threat at all. In order to be a dominant team, Jazz should have force in all of the position and that trade could have been the answer. If Lakers completely outrun this team, it will surely something to regret about.

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