Sunday, September 9, 2012

Winners and Losers of the Tenorio Trade

I call the latest PBA blockbuster trade a Tenorio's trade for one obvious reason – Tenorio is the biggest name from that 4-team deal. Fresh from his heroics and MVPship in William Jones Cup 2012, the Alaska’s star player’s trade value went crazy high. And the blockbuster trade deal is its obvious proof. 

Let’s see who got the deal right and who made a bad move in this deal:


Alaska Aces

I’ve been crying in Alaska’s Facebook fan page not to trade Tenorio, because I think, he and the rookie Calvin “The Beast” Abueva will give Alaska the best chance for a playoff contention next season. But Mr. Uytengsu knows more than that, as he did not waste any time luring teams in the trading block. As a result, they’ve got two solid players, JV Casio who will likely get the starting PG spot, and Dondon Hontiveros, a test-and-proven veteran. That’s youth and experience right there, which will easily rejuvenate Alaska’s backcourt. 


Bryg. Ginebra San Miguel

What more can I say, they got LA. A natural PG, a killer in the clutch, Tenorio can go to any point inside the court anytime he wants without killing his dribble, and he showed that in Jones Cup finals where he scored both inside and outside the perimeter. With that, he will fit perfectly in Ginebra’s system. As I’ve said earlier, he’s the biggest name on this deal. Not to mention Ginebra has got new blood that will only excite the fans for a more dynamic and high-flying run-and-gun game of their 2012 draft 6th pick Chris Ellis. 


Petron Blaza Boosters

Well, they may not get the boost on their roster from acquiring Wesley Gonzales and Hans Thiele, and I don’t think they expect on it either. Petron simply just wants to unload Hontiveros to ease their team’s rotation problems. I don’t also think they’ll use these two new players on the court. 

The SF position, which Gonzales plays, is already jam-packed by a solid rookie Mallari, sophomore with vast experience Lassiter, and Santos, who's arguably the best blocker in the position. Also, the Center position is occupied by their number-one  pick in the recent draft – June Mar Fajardo, which is expected to be dominant, a trusted veteran Ildefonso (PF/C), Pena, and Sison. I expect Gonzales and Thiele to be headed down to the ABL. Well, maybe, just maybe, if Lassiter, Lutz, and Pena stay on the injury list for long, they have a slight chance to play, in garbage time.


Global Port Batang Poer

Well, it may seem like they got the deal right by getting a 2-Time MVP Willie Miller. However, my point is, they just traded their number 1 pick for an ageing guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Miller way back from his afro-days in Red Bull. I can still remember how he beat Asi in a one-on-one game (yes, PBA has a one-on-one game before). However, I don’t think Miller is taking care of his body well. 

Yes he can hit a dagger trey anytime he wants and post-up smaller PGs with the likes of Castro and Alapag from TNT. But on a regular basis, he can’t chase and defend younger guards anymore. Miller has to share minutes with the team's leading scorer - Gary David. Also, Global Port’s style is run-and-gun play, and I don’t think Miller likes to run.

Barako Bull Energy


I can’t see clearly where this “rebuilding process” is going. Well, they got rid of Miller, but they could’ve done better than just acquiring Enrico Villanueva. The Barako Bull needs to rebuild, that’s why they brought a lot of jackets in the recent draft for the rookies. But they have 21 names on their roster now, so I expect more movements from this team, if not before the start of the season, maybe during the season.

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