Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jeremy Lin and the Rockets: Will Linsanity Live On?

We might see a different Jeremy Lin in this coming season. Here are some of the reasons why I think so...

Can he excel in a rebuilding team?

In NY, the team already have an established system wherein they only miss one piece, which is the right point guard and then there was LIN! Like other premiere point guards, Lin handled the position perfectly. He was in a position wherein the team needs a PG like him, and he needs a team with a system like NY to play the best of him. This will be the biggest adjustment of Lin in his new team..adjusting in everything.

Lin have Chandler in NY, Asik in HOU.

How will he do when he have Asik as a center? It will be little difficult for Lin since Asik isn't as strong as Chandler and Asik don't catch much lob basketball. Asik is more on hustling which won't help Lin's cost.

Stoudamire in Big Apple while Motiejunas,Jones or White in Rockets.

This is why we can't judge Lin yet but none of these players play the same style as Stoudamire. But all of them are capable of scoring; thus, we might see drop passes, pick and pop, and pick and rolls.

Spot up shooter: Novak vs Parsons.

In NY, Novak benefits from Lin and Lin benefits from Novak. Novak might be a better shooter than Parsons but Parsons is more capable of doing lot more than shooting. I think kick out passes from Lin might be lessen.

Best pal Landry before, now new kid Lamb.

This might be hard for Lin to part ways with Landry which these two have chemistry. However, Rockets have J-Lamb, which is a scorer might be having more touches than what Landry use to be. Im not saying that Lamb will be a ball hogger but He'll be the Carmelo in Houston.

What do you think? How will Jeremy Lin perform this season?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Written by Fritz Castro

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