Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unexpected Players To Have Breakout Season in NBA 2012-2013

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Remember Humphries? Not as Kim Kardashian's ex but as a player who surprises and emerge as one of the top rebounders in the NBA last two season. But before he become a legit starter in nets, he stumbled around several team's bench for couple of season. If you can only be patient and give the best you have, you can find success. That's how Humphries did. Let's take a look at some players who will likely but appears unlikely to some:

Josh Childress 
    Playing in Phoenix which is not so good idea for, not a system for him. That stay in Phoenix might hurt his stock but Childress is actually a good player. He makes up with his crafty plays from struggling in jump shots. With a very very very very thin bench in Brooklyn, the opportunity is wide open for Josh Childress..hope he doesn't mess up that chance.

Darko Milicic
     For your information, Darko was already been there while James, Anthony, Bosh and Wade still aiming for It, talking about the Championship ring. But Darko isn't finished yet. He still have to erase the LABEL of Bust out from his name. He still under 30 and he's 7 feet, there's always a chance. Just ask Kwame Brown..and i DO think he is better than Kwame.

Jimmer Fredette
    Most people already gave up in him but it's just one season. as long as you can shoot the ball, you can always have a spot on a roster but on a team that needs you. It's clear that Jimmer is done in Sac town and the addition of Brooks in King's roster will probably the green light Fredette go. It could be a blessing in disguise for Jimmer if he lands on a team which he will have enough role and playing time and this could be the season for him to start again.

Enes Kanter
     If one of the two front liners in Utah will be traded, it would be a perfect time for Kanter to show why he is #3 pick in 2011. He can play basketball, he just need more playing minutes as he play quality minutes in backing up Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap. I could see him 10ppg, 8.5rpg 1.2bpg. if given around 28 Min a game.

Alonzo Gee 
    He had a decent 11-12 season and plays better than Casspi. This could be the season for him to become a legit starter since the Cavs don't have any player better than him at SF spot. As his career rise up every season, this could be his break out season.

Adam Morrison
    Many people will laugh about him, an Icon of a Draft bust with ugly mustash..and won2 NBA title first before Lebron. But his career isn't it over yet. He got one season to prove it, a perfect team where he have the chance to be on the playing court and an impressive Summer League games. We love to hear a great story this season like last seasons Linsanity. Is it Adam's this time?

Written by Fritz Castro

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