Sunday, February 10, 2013

NBA 2013| Bubble Teams Chance of Making the Playoffs Base on the Pace of last 10 games


Golden State
WL: 30-21
%: .588
L10: 4-6
# of games left: 31
projected W-L record: 43-39

Warriors is one of the most underrated team in the West. With curry being snub in the all-star, Lee's great performance, Klay Thompson's emergance and with a strong force from the bench of Jack and Landry. How ever the warriors is only as good as their health. Bogut is in and out with Steph prone to injury, In the beginning of the season, Rush is already out. The warriors might suddenly fall once again out of the playoffs if these injuries occurs.

WL: 28-24
%: .538
# of games left:30
projected W-L record:43-39

Rumors swirling around the Jazz front court and if this would happen, the chemistry of this tough underdog team might affect their playoffs chances. The Jazz are top 8 on the west because of their front count forces of Jefferson and Millsap and if one of them get traded, it could be the turning point of making it deeper on to the ranking or trading their chances for playoff spot.

WL: 28-24
%: .538
# of games left:30
projected W-L record:49-33

Before the Harden trade, Houston is considered as one of the worst team in the west but suddenly they turn out to be a contender on Harden's arrival. The teams playing style brought them to where they are now but it could also be their poison when their shooters gets cold. But currently they are shooting hot in their last 10 games. Also their faith is not completely in their hands as the competition on the west is close enough that losing one game could be the difference.

# of games left:32
projected W-L record:41-41

It seems that the team can only go as far as Lillard can take them. With the rookie of the year front runner on the team and solid starting line up, Portland is giving a good fight for a playoff spot. However, the team receive no help from the bench and the competition on the west is getting tougher, this means only one thing..the starter must give extra effort to win a playoff spot.

LA Lakers
# of games left:30
projected W-L record:45-36

Considered as the best team befor the season start. A team to beat on NBA, but it turns out that every team on NBA beat this team. And now the lakers are fighter for that eight spot. What's the problem? Chemistry? Coaching Staff? Injuries? Pau Gasol? Bench? and even Kobe is a suspect. As long as the season is not yet over there is a chance..and this might be their last chance, so push it Lakers!

# of games left:32
projected W-L record:38-44

Another team which has been a lock on the playoffs for a very long time might find themselves fall apart. And it's just 2 season away from a champion, it is hard to imagine how quickly this team decline. Cuban might push a trade before the deadline and this might be the turning point of the team to make it
to the playoffs.

West Projected Ranking:
6. Hou
7. LAL
8. GS
9. Utah


# of games left:33
projected W-L record:44-38

If they won't trade Josh Smith, they can hold on to a spot in the playoffs, however it won't guarantee them to go deeper to the playoffs. Nonetheless you can not count this team out, they are a sure lock on the playoffs but if a drastic change happens, they might drop from the standings rapidly.

# of games left:33
projected W-L record:46-36

After Rey Allen decided to join Miami, After rondo and Sullinger went down, the Celtics still have the heart to win games. Boston is still a lock to the playoffs.

# of games left:33
projected W-L record:38-36

The Bucks are going up and down playing very inconsistent. Lead by their two top scorer who are inefficient field goal percentage. They are still on top 8 but they might lost it if they continue with the current pace.

# of games left:31
projected W-L record:40-42

Another team plague with injuries but still fighting to keep up with other team. Bynum hasn't played single game but Holiday step up and bring his game to the next level that keeps the sixers into a striking distance to steal the top 8 spot. And if Bynum will be cleared to play, this might help them lock in to the spot.

# of games left:30
projected W-L record:32-50

Unfortunately for Detroit, Andre is out atleast a month that might hurt their chances this season. It seems the Pistons will again miss the playoffs. But this season, they took a big step on rebuilding when they traded away the last player who was part of the 2004 NBA title. Detroit have a bright future with young core of Monroe and Drummond.

# of games left:32
projected W-L record:30-52

The arrival of Gay might be too late to save the Raptors, but there's still a block buster trade awaits between Bargani and Boozer. This might spark a miracle run by Toronto and make it to the playoffs..but currently, the are out of the picture.

East Projected Ranking:

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