Monday, February 18, 2013

NBA 2013 All-Star Game: West Beats East

Image: sbnation
The battle between East vs West closes out a fun-filled weekend featuring some of the best talents in the NBA this season. This game is the most anticipated event out of the NBA 2013 All-Star Weekend and the superstars surely did not disappoint their fans who were expecting to witness a showcase of hoops and slams. However intense the battle may be, only one can emerge as the winner and it is the West that outshone the East superstars via a 143-138 victory.

Chris Paul was named as the NBA 2013 All-Star MVP after he scored 20 points and dished out 15 assists. It was his connection with teammate Blake Griffin that brought the house down as the twosome delivered several exciting plays. This helped Griffin establish his own 19 points into the game. Seems like Lob City found its way to Houston!

Aside from Chris Paul, Kevin Durant also had an impressive showing for the West courtesy of his 30-point performance. What is more impressive than his scoring is the 13-of-24 shooting percentage!

The East team also had a few stellar performances such as Dwayne Wade with 21 points and went 10-of-13 on the field, which makes him the best All-Star performer out of the three Heat players that were on the lineup. Meanwhile, Kevin Garnett has previously expressed that this might be his final All-Star Weekend appearance so he gave the floor to the younger guys and played only for 6 minutes.

Check out highlights from this spectacular game below:

Who were you rooting for in the NBA 2013 All-Star Game?

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